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Your interior is our passion.

At TSP GmbH we strive for customer satisfaction by offering high-end carpets and rugs at
affordable prices. From enchanting patterns to simple stripes, from plain and traditional styles
to modern and stylish designs, our comprehensive product portfolio contains rugs and carpets
to embellish every home interior.

Moreover, it is our matter of interest to meet our customers’
desires. On this basis, we are always searching for new trends to be able to customize our
products according to your wishes. Ennoble your floorcovering using our exceptional

New ProductsAll New Products

  • Chehel Tike

    From 74.99 (VAT included) View
  • Mehr 2

    From 74.99 (VAT included) View
  • Mehr Red

    From 74.99 (VAT included) View
  • Mehr Cream

    From 74.99 (VAT included) View
  • Mehr Blue

    From 74.99 (VAT included) View
  • 04WSG

    From 119.99 (VAT included) View
  • 2321

    From 159.99 (VAT included) View
  • 2320

    From 159.99 (VAT included) View

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We're Creative

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We're Punctual

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We Have Magic

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We Love Minimalism

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We're Responsible

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We're Friendly

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